Pete’s Frites Team Member

If you want to make the most delicious fries and burgers and have a great time doing it, Pete’s Frites has a job for you. We are looking for employees who make customer-service a priority, enjoy working as part of a team, and have a desire to learn to make great food. We prefer applicants with experience as a cashier, server, cook, prep cook, and wait staff. We are offering part time work that can lead to full time schedules. Pete’s Frites is a new restaurant and our employees’ have the opportunity to grow with the organization.

Pete’s Frites staff takes pride in preparing and serving delicious, high-quality food. To accomplish this staff takes care to maintain a clean and organized work area, follow proper cooking and sanitizing procedures, and work as a tightknit team with coworkers. Each team member, individually and as a unit, works to make our customers’ experience the best possible.

Individual team members’ work will be focused on the front of the house or the back of the house, but everyone will learn about and work at a variety of tasks including cooking, cashier, bussing, and acting as wait staff. Staff responsibilities require them to be on their feet working while clocked in unless on break. If they are not busy, they are expected to take on tasks that need to get done and pitch in to help their teammates.

Principal responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

Food Prep
• Follow recipes accurately and maintain food preparation processes such as prepping and frying frites, cooking, seasoning, and grilling burgers; chopping and slicing vegetables
• Complete hot and cold food preparation assignment accurately, neatly, and in a timely fashion
• Prepare food throughout the day as needed, anticipate and react to customer volume
• Maintain proper food handling, safety, and sanitation standards while preparing and cooking food

Customer Experience
• Provide friendly, quality customer service to each Pete’s Frites customer

• Follow Pete’s Frites sanitation standards, including washing cookware and utensils throughout the day
• Clean equipment thoroughly and in a timely fashion

The ideal candidate will:
• Be able to develop positive working relationships with all restaurant employees and work as part of a team by helping others as needed or requested
• Be able to speak clearly and listen attentively to guests and other employees
• Be able to maintain a professional appearance at all times and display a positive and enthusiastic approach to all assignments
• Be able to exhibit a cheerful and helpful attitude and provide exceptional customer service
• Be able to adapt to changing customer volume levels with a sense of urgency
• Be able to demonstrate a complete understanding of the menu
• Be able to follow instructions for recipes and sanitation guidelines
• Be able to be cross-trained in all areas of the kitchen and line

Applicants should email resume or work history and three references to


3407 Central Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106


Job Posting: August 20, 2016